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  1. Great page. The one thing that I have been wondering about for a while is how you have found the D600 compared to the D3. I know you sold the D3 to get the D600 so it wouldn't be a side by side comparison. However, given that (in the UK at least) a good used D3 is pretty much the same price as a new D600 it would be interesting to read your views having used both.

    I went for a D3 in the end but have a nagging doubt about what I might be missing with the dD00! My main annoyance would be if ISO performance were significantly better.

    The main reasons I went for the D3 in the were the grip, build and speed (AF and FPS). I was also worried about the data burden of 24mp. The only things I miss are FEC on body and a CLS commander.
    Sorry if I missed an article on this.

    1. Hello my friend. Congratulations on getting the D3! It's an awesome camera.

      To be honest, I much prefer the D600 over the D3, but for some folks the D3 is the better choice. For example, I like the D600's compact size (I was getting self-conscious using the D3 for casual shooting). For some that's a non-issue, or even a disadvantage because it doesn't look as credible as a D3.

      I would say be happy with your D3. The D3 is far superior with respect to the factors that matter to you. Yes the D3 grip is far better. The D600's ergonomics are nowhere near as good as those of the D3. Build is again a definite advantage of the D3. The D600's build doesn't come close. AF speed - seems about the same to me. FPS - definitely an advantage for the D3. Yes, processing 12mp raw files is a lot faster than the D600's 24mp raw files. FEC on the body -- assuming you have an external flash it's not a big deal. CLS commander - well, if you have an external commander it's not a big deal either. Don't look further!

      As for the ISO performance, I couldn't do a side by side but the D600 seems a little better when I compare pictures taken by Imaging Resource here:

      On the other hand, Ming Thein compared the D600 with the D700 and found that at high ISOs the D600 doesn't deliver more detail than the D700 despite having a higher resolution.

      Best regards,

  2. With the oil issue, D600 seems ..


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