Sunday, September 16, 2012

Canon 6D specs; Nikon D600 compared

UPDATE: DPReview posted its hands-on preview.

Canon 6D specs posted on DPReview and Canonrumors.  Some of the specs and comparisons with the Nikon D600 (+ = 6D has better spec; - = D600 has better spec):

- 20.2 Megapixels (Nikon D600: 24mp)
- 4.5 fps (Nikon D600: 5.5 fps)
+ 100 - 25600 ISO with option for 50, 51200, 102400 (Nikon D600 maximum native ISO is 6400 with up to 25600 ISO as an option)
o 1/4000 maximum shutter speed (same as Nikon D600; previously reported as 1/8000)
+ Touch screen (DPReview previously reported a touch screen; it has since been revealed that there is no touch screen)
- 11 AF points with 1 cross-type (Nikon D600 has 39 points with 9 cross-type)
+ Autofocus works as low as -3EV (Nikon D600 works as low as -1EV)
+ AF-ON button (Nikon D600 doesn't have a dedicated AF-ON button)
+ 1/8000 shutter speed (Nikon D600 maxes out at 1/4000)
- 97% viewfinder (Nikon D600 is 100%)
+ 1040k pixel LCD (Nikon D600 has 921k)
+ Built-in wireless and GPS (Nikon D600 has wireless and GPS as options)
+ Wireless live view has full exposure control (Nikon D600 wireless live view only has shutter control)
- time lapse through intervalometer (Nikon D600 has built-in intervalometer)
- single axis level (Nikon D600 has dual axis level)
- single card slot (Nikon D600 has dual SD slots)
- no built-in flash (Nikon D600 has a pop-up flash with commander)
- 1/180 sync speed (Nikon D600 has 1/200 sync speed with option for 1/250 at reduced range)
- external microphone jack (Nikon D600 has external microphone and headphone jacks)
- no uncompressed HDMI output (which Nikon D600 has)
+ Micro AF Adjust has separate settings for wide angle and telephoto focal lengths of a zoom lens (Nikon D600 has AF fine-tuning but with only one setting per lens)
o Price: $2099 (same as the Nikon D600).
- According to Amazon it will ship in October 2012 (Nikon D600 ships on September 18, 2012)

Chart comparing specs from here


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