Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CORRECTION: Nikon D600 Subject-Tracking AF and Face-Priority AF DOES Work

It may still be too early to be sure, but so far I am encountering an issue in live view with the D600.
In live view, the D600 is supposed to have several autofocus area modes. Two of those autofocus modes are face-priority AF and subject-tracking AF. In addition to the autofocus area modes, there are two live view autofocus modes: AF-S (single servo) and AF-F (full-time servo).
With AF-F and subject-tracking AF chosen, the camera is supposed to track a moving subject as it moves around the frame. Similarly, if I choose AF-F and face-priority AF, then the camera is supposed to track a face moving around the frame. My camera does neither of these. Instead, it will just focus on wherever the focus point is pointed. So for example, if I focus on a dog and the dog moves, then instead of tracking the dog, it will just focus on whatever object is occupying the space that was occupied by the dog.
Last night I had problems doing this as well but I thought it was the poor lighting. Now I've tried daylight and window light. Still doesn't work.
I called Nikon Tech Support and they said they will get back to me within 48 hours. If you have a suggestion pls. let me know!


This sounds stupid but I figured out how to make both face priority and subject tracking work.

1. Face priority.  What I did to make it work is to use a more realistic subject - a mannequin head.  Apparently a baby doll isn't good enough, nor is a black and white photo of a person.  My usual mannequin head worked though.  Once face priority is selected, it detects the presence of the face and begins to track it.

2. Subject-tracking.  The step that I was missing was to press 'ok' to select the target.  I misunderstood how it works and I thought you just put the target under the focal point then start recording.  Now I know you have to press ok to confirm the target, then it will track it.

Whew.  Sorry for the false alarm.  I attribute it to my own inexperience with live view.

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