Friday, December 14, 2012

Nikon D600 Price Drop! Now Just $1999 WITH 24-85 VR Kit

The Nikon D600 with 24-85 VR kit is now available for just $1999.

The same deal is available at Amazon until December 15, 2012.

FYI I bought my Nikon D600 for $2099 + tax.  Compared to that, this deal is like getting the 24-85 VR lens for free!  Alternatively, you may be able to sell the 24-85 VR (retails for $600) for $400 or $500 and cut down the price of the D600 to $1500 or $1600. (Wow... Almost makes me want to buy another one....!)

Offer good until December 29, 2012 only at the Nikon store.  Plus, at the Nikon store for December 14-16, 2012 only, you can get a DSLR/laptop shoulder bag AND next day shipping for free!

This offer appears to be intended to take the wind out of the Canon 6D's sales (pun intended hehe) (comparison here).  Recently, Canon did a similar thing to the D600 by drastically lowering the price of the Canon 5D Mark II.  (The difference is that the D600 is a cutting edge camera whereas the 5DII is a capable but aging camera.)

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