Thursday, March 5, 2015

The 200L is back

Just sharing with you the very first test photo I took with the 200L (wide-open) and my A7II. The image was shot with zero ambient light, and a single manual flash bounced from the wall/ceiling to the camera right. The flash power was metered once before actually taking pictures via a light meter.

I bought a Commlite Canon EF to Sony E-Mount adapter to be able to use Canon lenses on my A7. The adapter has electronic contacts between the camera and the lens, and supports: aperture control via the camera, auto-focus (slooow but 100% accurate, same speed as live view focusing on older Canon bodies), EXIF data so the IBIS is adjusted automatically, and I think it will support stabilization in images with IS.

The adapter is solidly built, but feels quite heavy at 124 grams. The fit is perfect on both ends, if a little tight on the Canon mount side. Here's how it looks like:

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