Monday, May 2, 2011

WTH? Canon 60D Wireless Master Catch Lights

This is a short rant, I was taking photos today with my 60D and I decided to get familiar with the built-in popup flash acting as a wireless master to my Canon speedlites.

The setup was simple, one flash (580EX II) set on E-TTL and a shoot through umbrella camera left, the camera was set to fire the 580EX II with the popup flash output disabled, i.e. it will only act as a trigger and will not fire during the actual exposure.

To my surprise I found that all of the pictures I took had the popup flash appearing in the eyes of my subject, I double checked everything and you can see both the umbrella's and the popup flash catch lights, why does the popup flash appear in the actual exposure? It is supposed to send pre-flashes only!!!

The fix in post is really easy and only took 5 seconds per photo, but I was really pissed off, I will start searching to see if other people are facing the same issue. I faced other limitations as well with this shoot but that's for another article.