Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day!


Stylus 1. f/2.8, 1/80, ISO 400
Happy Father's Day in advance to all the dads out there!  Let's have a great weekend filled with happy memories with our kids!

About the shot above: My daughter gave me an art project from school, which I promptly attached to my file cabinet at the office.  I took a shot with my Stylus 1 (which have with me almost all the time), then uploaded the shot to my phone via the Stylus 1's Wi-Fi function.  I adjusted the exposure through Adobe Photoshop Express on my phone then shared the shot with my wife.


  1. This is simply great. Oh, and "the hand you used to hold" - that somehow reminds me of Johnny Mercer's lyrics for "Autumn Leaves" (Original: Les feuilles mortes), which is a song about growing old...

    1. Thanks Wolfgang, and thanks also for sharing about Johnny Mercer's song, which I didn't know about. I hope you had a great weekend.

      Best regards,

    2. You're welcome Mic. And for the probably best original version of that song (which you might know), watch - or which also has some impressive photography in it.


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