Saturday, March 23, 2013

Does Nikon D7100 have dust spots?

One of the few issues with the Nikon D600 is that it has a tendency to get dust spots.  See the related posts here (under 'Dust spots').  Some people are therefore wary that the Nikon D7100 might have the same issue.

In this post, I compare what my sensor looks like when I first got it and what it looks like now, after about 1000 shots.

When I got the D7100, the very first frame I took was a shot of the sky, in order to establish a baseline for the presence of spots (if any).

With contrast maximized it looks like this:

I now have about 1000 shots on the D7100.  Note: I change lenses frequently, at least once every time I use it.  I haven't noticed any spots on my shots.  On the other hand, I usually shoot at wider apertures.  For testing purposes I took a shot at f/16, which is likely as high as I would ever go for normal shooting (normally I shoot at f/8 or wider).

Here is how it looks at f/16:

With contrast maximized the f/16 shot looks like this:

For testing purposes I took a shot at f/45:

Here is the f/45 shot with contrast maximized:

For reference here is what my Fuji S5 sensor looks like (also at f/45):

I tried to remove the dust using the sensor cleaning function and by using a blower but they did not go away.  Anyway, I'm not in a rush to remove them since I don't see them in my shots.  However, I plan to bring it to the shop for cleaning after around 2000 shots.

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