Monday, March 18, 2013

Nikon D7100 Real World Dynamic Range - Preview

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I wasn't able to finish part 2 of the D7100 review this weekend.  However, I was able to take 'real world' shots.  This was one of them:


Hit the jump for the details of this shot.

This was taken at a small restaurant close to sunset.  The window was facing west.  It was a very contrasty scene, which I had to underexpose at capture to avoid blowing out the relevant highlights.  This was how the shot looked SOOC.

At the same time the interior has slightly low light levels (illuminated by the reflection of the window light against the wall, plus some dim overhead lights), making the shadows even deeper.  (My kids kept commenting, "This restaurant is dark!" Lol)  It was therefore a decent test of the D7100's shadow recovery in real-world conditions.

In post, I brought up the exposure and recovered the highlights.  Yes there was some noise but I applied some noise reduction in LR4.  On my monitor I didn't see any banding on this shot (even after shadow recovery).  Here is the final shot again:


Pls. stay tuned for Part 2 of the D7100 review!