Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple Family Portrait (Basic)

UPDATE (12/6/10): added rim light comparison shots.

After our Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to take a quick family portrait at home.  The settings were fairly simple.  First, I reduced the ambient by selecting sync speed and not-so-high 400 ISO.  Second, for the key light, I used an SB-800 for on-camera bounce flash to bounce off camera left (TTL mode, 0 FEC).  Third, I added a rim light on camera right and slightly behind us.  I used a YN-560 on manual mode (digital slave mode) at the lowest power setting of 1/128.  From there I just kept firing the remote shutter (Meike MK-RC7) hoping to get a decent pose.

UPDATE: Here is the difference that adding a rimlight made:
(I accidentally used continuous shutter and the YN-560 missed a few shots :) ).

For post-processing, I used Lightroom 3 to add a vignette (not much else), and used Photoshop Elements 9 to remove the clutter in the background.  I noticed that PSE9's content-aware spot-healing tool works better with small or thin objects.  For larger objects, I still have to clean up the results with the healing brush and cloning.  Here's the final shot again:

Just for fun here are some of the outtakes: