Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Logic and Imagination

In one of his recent blog posts, Joe McNally mentioned Slovenian photographer Borut Peterlin.  I took a look at Mr. Peterlin's photos ( http://archive.borutpeterlin.com/c/borutpeterlin ) and was amazed at his imaginative vision.
Seeing Mr. Peterlin's photos caused me to reflect on the lack of imagination in my own shots.  As a result, most of them look sterile.  Even as I was reading books to our toddler, I wondered about the pictures drawn in these children's books.  I'm reasonably competent at drawing in a realistic style but if I were to draw in a whimsical non-realistic style _today_ I would probably struggle.  If I'm not going to draw the eyes, nose and mouth where they "should" be, then where would I put them?  Seems that somewhere along the way I became too logical (part of my job perhaps).
This weekend I'm going to challenge myself to create imaginative photos -- logic be damned. :) I'll update this post with results.

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