Friday, July 19, 2013

Thank you for your support!


I just wanted to say thank you for supporting our blog through your readership and for clicking on our affiliate links!  100% of proceeds from this blog are donated to charity.  For June, the affiliate fees amounted to $36.96:

That does not sound like a lot, but actually it goes a very long way, thanks to organizations such as Food for the Poor, Inc. Food for the Poor buys food in bulk for poor families, so that even as little as $3 can feed 50 children.  And this month, they have a grant that will match donations dollar for dollar.  So, I added my own funds to increase our donation to $75, which through the grant buys $150 worth of food, which in turn feeds 2,500 children!

If you can add a little money to help out that would be great!   Food for the Poor is highly efficient (95.8% of donated funds are directly used for programs, with only 3.3% for fundraising and 0.9% for administration costs).  They also have other programs, such as those that support micro-enterprises, education, medicine, and other needs.  Have a blessed week and thanks again!


  1. Dear Mic,
    you've just made my day. Your generosity is undoubtedly much appreciated by the ones in need. Keep up the good work.

    Warmest regs,


    1. Thanks Roel! It is through the support of readers such as you that we are able to help a little, so I thank you!

      Best regards,


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