Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nikon D7100 Shadow Recovery

So I got the D7100 today.  Among other things I tested was the shadow recovery.  I was guessing that the D7100's sensor was the same as that of the D5200, which although has slightly better high ISO than the D7000, is known to have horizontal pattern noise in extreme exposure adjustments.  My concern was therefore whether the D7100 had the same issue.

UPDATE: See also related post on Nikon D5200 and D7100 Band-Aid: Solutions for Banding

I took the shot below in raw (converted to black and white). 

To test the shadow recovery, I boosted the exposure +5 stops.  Here is what the shot looked like.

Here is a crop of the shadow area:

As I thought, there is horizontal pattern noise.  The noise doesn't go away even with +40 noise reduction in Lightroom (other noise reduction software may do better):

I tried to adjust the exposure to where the horizontal pattern noise would be barely visible.  I found it to be around +3.5 EV:

Of course this is just one factor among many, and a +3.5 EV adjustment will usually be more than enough.  I will continue testing the D7100.

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  1. Do you also see banding on high-iso (6400 and above) samples? What bothers me is that on the dpreview samples absolutely no banding is visible, not even at ISO 25600, while I can *always* see banding at the the Hi2 setting on mine.

    1. Hi Szabolcs. Actually I don't see banding on my high ISO images from the D7100. Check out

      BTW I use LR5 as my raw converter. Do you use LR5 too?

      Best regards,


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