Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nikon D7100 - FAQ and Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links for information related to the Nikon D7100. Most of the information here is posted on the Flicrk D7100 Group.

Reviews of the D7100

Image quality tests


  1. Hi Mic,

    As I told you before, I going to do some shopping at NY next week.
    What do you think to have the D7100 as a second body to D600 with only FX lenses? Even if I buy a DX, I don't thinking to buy DX lenses.
    I'm wondering maybe I'll like more the D7100 because the AF system.

    1. Hi Marcel. If you don't want to buy DX lenses but you want a better AF system, then maybe it would be better to get a D700. In my area, the prices are almost the same as the D7100. Have fun in New York!

      Best regards,


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