Monday, April 11, 2011

News and Previews

Here are some of the things that went on last week, and another preview of some future posts (even though I'm not even caught up yet with posts from the last preview)!
  • Coco Ring Flash - took some "real world" shots.  It performed better than I expected..
  • Went to a birthday party / Easter egg hunt, took some photos with existing light only.
  • Put together a smaller DIY version of the $800 Sun Swatter.  Haven't used for real shots yet but looks promising.
  • Meike MC-RC7 scare: my MC-RC7 stopped working properly while I was taking our family portrait (Murphy's Law of Cheap Radio Triggers).  Fortunately, it seems I was able to fix it.
  • Did you notice the Twitter feed?  I'm sort of getting the hang of using Twitter.  Besides broadcasting the latest posts, I'll use it to post bits of useful info, including useful, interesting or funny retweets.  Check out that $39 Photoshop Elements 9 for example.
  • Corel Paint It Now for iOS.  Funny I was thinking it would be nice if there were such an app just a couple of weeks ago.  Then I found it -- for free!


  1. Mic,
    Are you having problems with your MK-RC7s? ;) Like everybody else?!
    I found a used Cybersync kit for a very good price on POTN. It was a joy to finally get triggers that work right away.


  2. Hi Danny. Yeah I did have a problem with my mk-rc7 but it seems fixed now. Hopefully it keeps working.


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