Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YongNuo YN-560 Label

I like the interface of the YN-560 because I find it simple and quick to make adjustments. But one of the things that took getting used to is the absence of a label for the power level. Instead, you have to count the number of LEDs that are lit in order to determine the power setting or the adjustments in 1/8 EV steps. David Hobby lamented this in his review of the YN-560.

Fortunately, there's a space above the LEDs that can be conveniently used for a label. I experimented with different font sizes and margins and found one that worked reasonably well. A PDF version is below. If you wish to modify it, you can get the Word version instead. (I believe the files have no viruses but please double-check. I don't want to be an unwitting accomplice in spreading any malware.)

I printed the label on an Avery label then cut it to size, leaving just a thin border around the label itself. With the thin border, the sticker can be aligned with the edge of the display window on the back of the flash and will be exactly the width of the display window.

Word format:

PDF format:


  1. How about reversing the color ?? The font would be white and the background black.

    And instead of placing it above the leads.. how about OVER the indicator lights ?? This way the led lights will serve as a back light to the numbers.

    I will try this with baking paper later as they're thinner than regular paper.

  2. Good ideas. Spoken like a real strobist! (Hope you don't mind my saying so) :)

    Funny you should mention the backlight idea because I was concerned about legibility at night or in the dark, then I noticed the label paper was thin enough to allow light to pass through therefore making it legible. Taking that one step further by putting it over the LED lights sound like a cool idea!

    Printing on baking paper may be a challenge... Clear Avery labels might work.

  3. You could print on the transparent film for overhead printers, if you use a laser printer the text would be waterproof.

    You're curring them out anyway so they don't have to be Avery, double sided tape would work just as well.


  4. Haha, thanks for another YN-560 tip.

  5. Hopefully in the future Yongnuo will pick up on the idea that a table like that is much more useful than a drawing of a scalene triangle... :)


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