Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YongNuo YN-560 drop test

My recently received YN-560 went through a drop test.  Rest assured I did not do it intentionally (heaven knows I haven't made a dime out of this blog! :)) ).

My flash dropped from a height of 3 feet to a solid stone floor.  It was actually more than just dropped.  I was cleaning my bag and shaking off sand (our toddler dumped sand into my camera bag... argh).  I thought my zipper was completely closed but it wasn't -- and as I shook the bag downward, the flash fell with a loud bang against the floor.  I believe the flash head hit first.

After the drop, the flash was still functioning (including the strange digital optical slave mode)... except for the zoom.  When I turn on the flash I can hear a short, loud hum (presumably the zoom motor).  When I adjust the zoom, the lights change but the zoom doesn't work anymore.  So my unit is stuck at 70mm.  :( At least the built-in diffuser still works...

UPDATE: YN-560 fixed!


  1. Open it up the gear is just probably misaligned. It could be a simple fix.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I think it's worth a shot.

  3. Here's a fix for the sb-600 zoom head... the mechanism should be similar.


  4. If you manage to fix yours and document it, the confidence level for the YN560 would go up again (post-DH review).

  5. Thank you kind sir. I'll attempt the fix and document it. Though I must warn everyone I'm not the handy type!

  6. hi Mic
    My zoom (yn560) did stop working with no reason.
    I followed your instructions till the picture 6.I believe i understand what is wrong :
    the screw is moving the flash head . the link between the flash head and the screw is a little wire. In my case this wire had to be put in place ... . this is the weak link in the
    Easy fix.... (having instructions) ...if this problem will be solved yn 560 will be the best manual flash fro the $


  7. Hey there buddy. Sorry to hear about the zoom on your 560 but glad you fixed it. If your flash still has issues, pls feel free to email me and I'll do my best to work with you to resolve them.

    Best regards,

  8. My flash just doesnt work.. when i power up all lights glow and thats it.. it doesnt stay lit.. so in short its not turning on..any ideas ?

    1. I'm assuming you held it down for a few seconds (if you let go early it wont turn on). Did you drop it or anything?


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