Friday, April 8, 2016

What's New?

Hi everyone.  Sorry for the long absence.  I went down a rabbit hole, and it was deep.  Way deeper than anything I've seen since I started learning about photography.  So deep I haven't gotten out, and I don't know when or if I will.

If you look at my last few posts, you'll see they've all been about 360-degree photos, particularly the Ricoh Theta S.

Sure, anyone who doesn't live in a cave has heard the hype about VR.  But I'm not talking about VR per se, but the photographic possibilities of 360-degree cameras.

I've been shooting with the Theta since June 2015, and starting December, I shot with it almost exclusively, and you know what?  More than 4 months later, shooting with nothing but this supposed one-trick pony, I still haven't found the bottom of this well.

Although 360-degree panoramas have been around for a long time, being able to capture them in a single shot is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of photography.  With an instantaneous capture, it is possible to capture action shots and candid moments.  Indeed, 360 photos are brutally honest, capturing everything and everyone around the camera.

And while you still have constants such as exposure, sometimes traditional concepts such as the rule of thirds don't apply at all, forcing you to rethink, relearn, and rediscover photography.

my new Instagram account: @360Rumors

Beyond spherical photos, technology has made it easier to manipulate 360 photos, turning them into a different category of abstract photography.

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So what now?  I've decided to go all in.  I will be focusing my efforts on a new website, called, to post about the latest news and developments in 360-degree VR cameras.  In only a little more than a month, there have already been several exciting developments, such as:

See you there!

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