Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Taking Some Rest

This should be a short one. Mic have started this blog a long time ago. And I joined ship after we discovered we had lots of common interests and the same love for sharing knowledge with others. We don't make money for ourselves out of this blog. We're not selling anything here and we have no interest other than helping people who are like us.
I don't know how long I have been writing here. Just go check the updated index on the home page. We've written close to 950 posts if I remember correctly. Some of them have created some discussion, and others have lived in complete silence with no comments. Yet we never stopped posting. Maybe we slowed now, but never stopped. Without much mentl support, sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself in an empty room, despite the regular hits we keep getting according to the stats.
Anyway, time has for me to take some rest from posting here, and concentrate more on the projects I have on my hand. This is turning out to be the busiest time of my life till now. I will not go away and I will not disappear. But I will be around, and will make the occasional post whenever the time feels right and I have somthing worthy of sharing.
I also apologize for ruining some of the previous posts by removing some of the photos in them. But I have taken the decision to keep all my family photos private once more. This makes me more comfortable. So, wish me luck, and see you again soon. I have really enjoyed everything posted here.

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