Monday, July 13, 2015

Spectacular Strobe Sale: Flashpoint Rovelight (Profoto D1 clone)

The Flashpoint Rovelight is a clone of the well-regarded Profoto D1 monolight, a self-contained monolight that includes a built-in battery in its body.  While the Profoto D1 costs around $1000 for the 500ws model, the Flashpoint Rovelight RL-600 offers similar functionality at just $600.

The Rovelight not only features a 600ws flash adjustable down to 1/128 power, but it also has an interchangeable 6600mAh lithium battery that is claimed to be capable of over 500 full power flash bursts.  Here is a review by Jason Macomber:

There are two variants of the Rovelight: the RL-600, which uses Flashpoint's own mount, and the RL-600B, which uses the Bowens mount.

Regularly $600, the Rovelight RL-600 is currently on sale for $399, while the RL-600B is on sale for $479.  To put that into perspective, the 640ws Alien Bee B1600 is $360 and the Vagabond Mini Lithium (8800mAh) is $240.  On the other hand, the RL-600 is top-heavy and requires a good light stand.

Note: we're not affiliated with Adorama or Flashpoint.

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