Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sony announces a7RII, RX10m2, RX100m4!

Press release for A7RII here
Press release for RX10 and RX100 here
A7RII highlights:
42mp resolution with BSI sensor
Hybrid AF (40% faster than a7R) with 399 AF points
5-axis in-body image stabilization
4k recording with digital zoom
electronic first curtain shutter (to eliminate shutter shock) and option for totally silent shutter
Sony's dedicated page for A7RII here

This makes me think that the a6000's successor will likely have IBIS as well (following the trend of the A7II and A7RII), and might also have a BSI sensor. reports that it's been delayed due to overheating issues, which sounds to me like it might also have 4k recording.

Re autofocus with 3rd party lenses, Mark Weir (Sony's Senior Technology Manager) supposedly claims that Canon lenses focus faster on the A7RII that on Canon bodies (!).  If true, that would be a game changer...  And I hope it's also true for other makers' lenses as well!

Imaging Resource's Dave Etchells had this to say:
"I got hands-on with the A7R II and a Canon 24-70mm connected via a Metabones adapter that had the CPU in it to translate the AF signals. This was in a fairly dimly-lit conference room, and it was pretty dang quick (really quite fast, especially given the relatively low light level), when hopping back and forth between objects that were within a moderate range of distances from the camera. In cases where the subject was very far OOF, though, it was much slower sorting it out, and would often hunt in the wrong direction, hit the focus stop, and then go back. AFAIK, these samples were all pretty early firmware, and as noted, it was a pretty low-light situation, so that hunting behavior may not be representative of final production. When the subject wasn't *too* far OOF, it seemed very quick indeed.

We'll obviously have to see how the production samples test under controlled conditions, but this really could be a breakthrough of sorts for Sony, have a lot of impact on the industry, and put a lot of pressure on Canon and Nikon. People with collections of Canon and Nikon glass will suddenly have a non-Canon or Nikon option for using them."

Dave's observations echo those made by DPReview here:
""This is potentially a huge deal - especially for Canon users. We've used an a7R II with a Canon 24-70mm lens and a Metabones adapter, and focus is indeed very fast indeed. We'll be looking at this in more depth as soon as we have a production sample camera, but for now, we're highly impressed. Canon should expect some cancelled EOS 5DS orders..."
RX10 and RX100 highlights:
4k recording
960fps, 480fps and 240 fps frame rates
up to 16 fps on the RX100 IV and up to 14 fps on the RX10 II (Sony also claims no blackout)
Anti-Distortion Shutter (maximum speed of 1/32,000 second)
4K (QFHD 3840x2160) movie recording and can capture 16.8 MP still images during 4K video recording
Sony's page for the RX10m2 here
Sony's page for the RX100m4 here

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