Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update on the Fuji X100S

I ordered the Fuji X100S from Abe's of Maine on their Black Friday sale.  I did have to go through the attempt to upsell, but in the end, after a couple of calls, they did put the order through.  I was still in suspense because I didn't know if they would try something else, but I did get a tracking number, and finally I got the package today.  And here it is:

There was no seal on the box, so I thought maybe it was a returned unit.  However, the shutter count showed 0 shots.

The serial number had a letter "M" in the third digit, which appears to confirm that it is from Asia or Australia (US units have "A" or "B" in the third digit).  There was also no warranty card in the box.  So, just as Abe's had said, it appears to be a gray market import.

The serial number began with 43, which I read means it was manufactured in 2014, 3rd quarter.  The firmware version was 1.20.  This firmware appears to have been installed at the factory because the package included a copy of the pamphlet explaining the features of the new firmware.

I checked for the sticky aperture blade issue, and so far I can take shots at any aperture with no problems.

I will be posting a quick review after trying it out.  I will be evaluating from the perspective of taking candid photos.  As best as I can, I will also compare it to the Sony RX1.  I sold mine a long time ago (as part of cutting down on photography gear) but I'll post my impressions for what they're worth.