Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Upgrading E-PL5 Grip

And here's another surprise revealed, see that lovely Sigma up there? I finally gave up and pushed the button on the Sigma 60 f/2.8 sharpness micro monster. It is every bit as fantastic as I imagined it'd be, best $209 lens ever for MFT, and I haven't even used it that much. It is cheaper than any lens I have, except for the $100 40-150R. But that's not what I want to discuss today, I'll leave the Sigma for another day when I have more pictures to show to you.

The E-PL5 is a tiny MFT camera, and I can't even imagine how small an E-PM2 or GM1 would feel like. And with small, comes some compromises, like a tiny grip that is not enough to handle a lens as small as the Panaleica 25 1.4. So even before I received the camera, I have ordered a larger grip. Hit the jump to learn more.

Turns out Olympus supports interchangeable grips for the E-P3 and E-PL5 cameras via a small screw, and it takes 15 seconds to change grips. The grip that comes with the camera is called MCG-4, it gives it a nice look with its texture, but it is not comfortable to use at all.


Stock MCG-4 grip, notice that screw on the left? I used a coin to remove the grip.


The one I bought is called MCG-2, it is OEM and is much larger and comfortable to use, and best of all, it doesn't add any bulk to the camera. Below is a series of pictures showing you both grips as I installed the new one.


Naked E-PL5


Left: larger grip


No nice texture, but it functions very well


Height difference


Final result, it doesn't look stock, especially that it almost touched the Olympus logo from the bottom


And here's the original one again for comparison


And if you feel particulary festive, you can buy colored grips with brown stripes, grey dots or grey checked from Olympus.



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