Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can This Be A Coincidence?


Today's certainly a special day. I took delivery of my new LX100 (which I haven't unboxed yet), Adobe released Lightroom 5.7 with full support for LX100 RAW files, and DPReview posted their full review of the LX100 and it was awarded with the highest rating for a camera in its class.

Oh, and I also recieved my Wasabi replacement battery for the LX100, a cool looking Lowepro case for the LX100, and an updated Olympus grip for my E-PL5 (did you know the E-PL5 had interchangeable grips?)

I am an extremely satisfied duck today, time to go read the DPR review, then unbox that LX100. More to come soon. ;-)

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