Monday, May 12, 2014

Sony A6000 and Sony 18-105 on Sale (More than 10% discount!)

Dell Canada is selling the Sony A6000 for $70 off ($579.99 - body only)!  Dell Canada had previously offered the A6000 at $100 off but now has revised the discount to $70 (still a fantastic price) so don't expect this deal to last. 
Also available is the Sony 18-105 f/4 OSS at $100 off (just $550).  Actually, I ordered an 18-105 last week but it will be a while before I receive it so don't expect a review anytime soon.  Just FYI the 18-105 has a crazy amount of pincushion distortion at long focal lengths, but it is corrected by software.  There is also a Lightroom 5 profile for that lens.
Note: The offer may be limited to Canadian customers.  US customers can try to use Paypal to check out.  BTW, I'm not affiliated with Sony, Dell, or Paypal.

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