Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sigma Black Friday Sale on Refurb Lenses

For its Black Friday sale, Sigma is offering a 15% discount on refurbished lenses, including the following:

Sigma 35 1.4 - the sharpest 35mm full frame, bar none, according to DXO.  $679.  Unfortunately, only the Sony mount is available refurbished at this time.
Previewed here.

Sigma 50 1.4 - the sharpest fast fifty according to DPR, with quite possibly the best bokeh. $379.
Reviewed here.

Sigma 17-50 OS - currently the sharpest standard zoom for APS-C, according to DXO. $499.
Haven't tried it personally.

1. Sigma's warranty on refurbished products: 90 days, including a 15-day return policy.

2. We're not affiliated with Sigma and receive no compensation from these links.

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