Thursday, September 12, 2013

Abstracts With The Olympus 40-150R

Tilted Lamp Post

Have you ever seen any of Gavin Hoey's 15 Minute Photo Challenges? Theses videos usually inspire me to just grab a camera with one lens and shoot the heck out of wherever I am at the moment.

Can you describe this place in one word?
This happened to me one month ago. I was stuck at the place you see above for the most of the morning with very little to do (and eat), and instead of going crazy, I took out my OMD with the Olympus 40-150R, which is my least used lens. I got this lens along with my OMD kit for just $100, which is a crazy price for a quite sharp 80-300mm telephoto lens. I have only used it twice before, and I saw it as a chance to get familiar with the lens. I mostly shot the lens at 150mm (300mm equivalent) and at f/5.6 or f/8 for a little more bite. It focuses as quickly as my other lenses, and can focus quite close at the long end. When I returned back to my computer, I was extremely impressed with the sharpness and the colors of the lens.

Now I will leave you with the pictures, they don't follow a certain theme other than being random, and I like all of them. I really enjoy the background compression a telephoto lens creates.

Day Light

To Infinity ... Aand Beyoond

Rusty Coke

Still Chained

Bulb Spiral


Macro Fun At Home