Friday, July 26, 2013

A Meaningless Experiment

I was setting up a few lights at home to shoot pictures of my daughters, and I took the picture you see above while testing the hair light, you can see it is quite hot (I ended up reducing it by one stop), and what you can't see, is that it is causing lens flare, because it was not gridded.

While importing the pictures to lightroom, I decided to see if I could get any shadow detail out of the file, so I pushed the exposure by 4 stops, and pulled the highlights down, and I got the picture you see below.

Impressive? I thought so, but of course the colors look weird (the background is supposed to be gray, not blue-ish), and I lost some highlight details, but nonetheless I was impressed by what I could get out of the OMD's small sensor, despite the 4-stop under-exposure, and the complete lack of any light except for the hair light.

And before I get attacked by anyone, I do not suggest that you should mess up your lighting and try and fix it in post, it will never come close to a well lit picture, I just did it for fun.

And for more fun, I decided to turn the picture to B&W to get rid of the strange color cast, and apply some strong noise reduction. Below is the B&W version and a 100% crop.