Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank You

This week, we reached a milestone for this blog - a million pageviews.  Thank you very much for your support!

We will be celebrating this milestone in a special way that we hope you will like.

In gratitude for your support, we're donating all proceeds since the blog's inception from our Amazon Affiliates account to charity.  We're still just a relatively small blog, so the commissions are not earth-shattering but here they are ($253.74): 

The charity we chose is the Task Force for Global Health, Inc.  Initially I thought of donating to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation because of the amazing projects they are doing for the world (such as working to eradicate malaria).  However the Gates Foundation suggested donating directly to the recipients of their grants.  In that regard, one of the largest recipients of their grants for 2013 was the Task Force for Global Health.  I figured the Gates Foundation did their due diligence and found them to be a very effective charity before awarding them such a huge grant, so that's the charity we chose as well:

The specific TFGH project selected was Global Health Promise, which is for victims of human trafficking.  So, to all of you, thank you very much.  In addition, going forward, all proceeds from this blog will be donated to charity.  If you have other ideas for how we can help our brothers and sisters in need, we're open to suggestions - just email us at info AT

BTW, I owe you guys an update.  I haven't posted this week because I'm still editing the shots from my friend's party, plus working on a few other projects.  I will be posting regularly again starting tomorrow.  Posts I will be working on include:

- Nikon D7000 vs. Nikon D7100 vs. Nikon D600
- Tamron 28-75 vs. Nikon 28-70 2.8D
- A compact camera bag for two DSLRs