Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comment on New York Post subway photo

When I saw and read about the photo of the man who was about to be crushed by a subway train, I was appalled. I don't think there is any other kind of reaction that is possible for that picture. And no, I don't believe the photographer's claim that he was trying to warn the train with his flash.
Just as quickly as I condemned the photographer however, I realized that I have been guilty of the exact same thing, just on a different scale. It's an issue that I've mentioned briefly before -- prioritizing the photograph and in the process failing to be a husband and father. The truth is, no photograph is worth missing out on being with my family. I am a dad and husband first.
It is true that I want nice photos of our family. But I don't have to document everything like an event photographer. I'd like to focus on being a dad first, and THEN take a few good photos.
I'm on my way to attend a holiday luncheon at work. In past years, I've pretty much acted like an event photographer -- taking photos instead of joining and being a part of the party. This year, I will be with my coworkers first, then take a few shots to preserve the fun we had.