Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shooting Tip: Custom Reset

It's a good idea to check your settings after a photo session to make sure they're back to where you want them.  However, it can get tedious checking every single setting.  And sometimes I miss one or two settings.  For example, my camera defaulted to JPEG instead of raw and I didn't see that until it was too late.  Or the time when with my D600, the Auto ISO shutter speed got reset to its default of 1/focal length (I prefer 2 stops faster than that).
Some cameras have the option to save settings, which I use to reset my settings to my preferences. 
1. I set all the options to where I want them.  I only have to do this once per camera.
2. I save the settings to the memory card.
3. At the end of the photo session, before I remove the card to upload my shots, I load the settings from the memory card.  This step resets the settings to my preferences.
4. When I insert a new memory card for the next shooting session, I reformat it.
5. After reformatting, I save the settings to the memory card again.
Repeat 3 to 5.
Nikon cameras that have this feature include all FX cameras (including the D600), and higher-end DX cameras (D300S, D300, D7000).

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