Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nikon D600 Hands-On Review Updates 10/10/12

  • Autofocus: Added link to the more detailed post regarding the D600's autofocus.
  • Colors: I am noticing that bright reds sometimes appear more saturated.  For example, I've had to tone down the red of the lips on my subjects on occasion.  This may be an issue with the beta version of Adobe raw support.
  • Battery life: The first time I ran down the battery, I only got a little over 400 shots.  But at that time I was using a lot of live view (for testing purposes).  This past weekend, I took 512 shots and the battery life was still 77%.  I was using a lens that didn't have VR, I wasn't fiddling with the menus too much, and I only shot one short video.
  • Circular Polarizer - the effect of a circular polarizer is observable on the screen in live view.


  1. First here too :P I've to say you really are doing a great job for others and that too for free. I'm glad that I can come back to you and ask you lots of questions :) I'm still deciding between D800 and D600. I like both of them and MP are not a criteria for me and 24MP is more than enough for what I shoot. What bothers me is the AF points all clustered in the middle. Even though D800 also have them clustered but since they are more they cover more area and I also get to shoot DX when required at 15 MP which is not bad and I get 5 fps and 6 with the grip. I saw some photos of thatnikonguy on flickr and wasnt impressed by the results, it kinda felt like the D800 is more demanding. aargghh its tough to chose :)

    1. Well I'll be more than happy to help you with more information. Stay tuned because I will be posting real world samples with the D600 (not just snapshots) in a couple of days.

      As for the D800 vs. D600, I will be posting a summary of the key differences in my opinion.

      Best regards,


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