Monday, September 24, 2012

Victory Run

2012092112-DSC_3603-Edit.jpg by mic_ty
2012092112-DSC_3603-Edit.jpg, a photo by mic_ty on Flickr.

Did you catch the space shuttle Endeavor's victory run over California? I was fortunate to have watched the flyby.

I don't usually take sports or animal photos so I don't have a long lens. My longest is the Sigma 50-150, a DX lens. I had a choice of using the D90 or the D600.

If a DX lens is used on a D600, the resolution becomes about 10mp, which is less than the D90's 12mp. Often, for web viewing sizes or small prints, there's no difference between 10 or 12mp. However, I knew that 150mm (225mm equivalent) was too short and I would need to crop heavily. So I chose the D90.

To make sure the exposure wasn't crazy, I used manual exposure and while watiing for the shuttle I set the exposure to avoid blowing highlights. IIRC, I used a very high shutter speed, 1/2500, for maximum sharpness, and an aperture of f/5.6 for adequate DOF, and the D90's base ISO of 200 for low noise.

I didn't have to do much adjustment in Lightroom - this is close to SOOC. I sharpened in Photoshop CS6 using the process used by Ming Thein in his Photoshop Workflow Tutorial (which I will review soon).