Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nikon D3200 ISO and dynamic range scores (possibly...) strongly believes that the D3200 will be launched sometime April 19 (around midnight in the US) and will have a 24-megapixel sensor. There are also rumors that the 24-mp sensor will be the same as the one used in the Sony a77 and NEX-7. Like the NEX-7, the D3200 is not expected to have a semitransluscent mirror and therefore if the rumors are true, the D3200 would probably have DXOMark scores more similar to those of the NEX-7 than the Sony a77:
Sony NEX-7 - Low-light ISO: 1016. Dynamic range: 13.4 EV.
Sony a77 - Low-light ISO: 801. Dynamic range: 13.2 EV.
For comparison, here are the DXOMark scores for the 14mp D3100 and the 16mp D7000:
Nikon D3100 - Low-light ISO: 919. Dynamic range: 11.3 EV
Nikon D7000 - Low-light ISO: 1167. Dynamic range: 13.9 EV
This would mean the D3200 would have almost double the resolution of the D3100 while having less noise in high ISO and 2-stops better dynamic range.

EDIT 4/30/12: DPReview has just posted its studio test for the Nikon D3200.  As we predicted, the Nikon D3200 has identical performance to that of the Sony NEX-7.

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