Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comments on Nikon D3200

So the Nikon D3200 rumors turned out to be true.  See the official announcement here.  I'm very curious about the wireless capability because it allows you to use an Android (and in fall 2012, iOS) smartphone as a remote viewer and shutter, with live preview, with a 49 ft range.  Wow.  That sounds even better than having a swivel screen like that of the D5100.  DPReview says that the remote shutter can only trigger the shutter and not control the camera (unlike the D4's WT-5 wireless capability).  But I think it's still awesome.  I can think of a lot of ways I can shoot and compose with unusual angles (how about putting it on a tall lighting stand :D ).  Perhaps that's why the D5100 price dropped aggressively (or maybe there's still a D5200 on the horizon).