Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey everyone.  I haven't posted in a while, partly because I went on vacation but also because I've been reevaluating my photography goals.  As a result of my analysis, I've been doing a bit of retooling.  Gone is my Nikon D300, and a bunch of lighting gear, including my White Lightning X3200 and my Quantum X2 Qflash.  In their stead, I've gotten some interesting equipment:
  • A full-frame DSLR.  Like my co-author MShafik, I've finally made the leap to full-frame.  Did I get a D700, which has significantly declined in price after the announcement of the D800?  Did I switch to Canon, which has long had more affordable full-frame models?
  • A unique DSLR that shoots more like a camera with negative film than any other DSLR.
  • An ultrawide zoom.  After a standard zoom and a telephoto zoom, a wide angle zoom is usually at or near the top of an event shooter's list.  Which one did I choose and how does it perform?
  • A more affordable alternative to a top-tier full-frame lens that doesn't compromise much.
  • An unusual standard zoom that may be the perfect complement to a crop-sensor second body.
I just got these gear in the last few days.  It will take a few weeks to review them based on a real world shooting experience.  Meanwhile, here's a teaser:  (One of the bodies is not shown in the shot below.)

    If there is an equipment that you'd like to read about first then sound off in the comments so I can prioritize that review.  BRB!


    1. Looks like it is the D700. The lenses seem to be all Nikon with the gold ring ;)

    2. You're right about that gold ring (though Tamron and Sigma also use gold rings) and the profile of that camera does kinda look like a d700... :)


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