Saturday, December 10, 2011

35mm f/2 in Alexandria

Stanely Bridge, Alexandria

We're back, yes, we're back (you'll know what I mean if you're an avid Top Gear fan like me), I have been away for quite a long time now, but for reasons that were totally out of my hands, the situation is not over yet, but it has gotten much better. I thought to make it up to you with a quick post with images from my last trip to Alexandria with my work colleagues, hit the jump for more.

I went on a boys only trip with my work colleagues to Alexandria, as per my usual habit I decided to pick a single lens for the whole trip in order not to distract myself, and I decided on the Canon 35 mm f/2. It was quite a pleasure, and as I said in my 35mm f/2 review before, it is my do-it-all lens.
Now I leave you to enjoy the pictures, most of them were taken during a boat trip in the sea.

Rocks in the sea


How many flashes were used to get this one? The answer is at the end.

And a couple more of my recent favorite 35mm pictures, as you'll see in my later posts, I have sort of developed a fetish for shooting shoes.

The flying man phot above was done using a single flash bounced to the ceiling and the wall on the camera left, trigerred wirelessly by my camera's pop-up flash.

This post has been written completely using my newly acquired iPad 2, this will be a subject for future posts, how can the iPad perform as a photographer's tool (everything, lightroom, editing, posting, sharing, etc...).
My next post will talk discuss my favorite uses for a circular polarizer.

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