Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photography Is Not a Spectator Sport

This is weird.  The other day, my brother-in-law was browsing a website and saw a photo that looked like... my son.  It turns out that a website called used my photo in an article discussing balancing ambient and flash outdoors in sunlight.  Link to article here.  Screenshot here:

And it appears they took the photo from an article on this blog talking about... balancing ambient and flash outdoors in sunlight:

EDIT: I contacted PhotographyTalk and got a response from the website owner, Alex, who offered to delete the photo or provide attribution.  Problem resolved.

First of all, I'm not at all saying we're the first to discuss balancing flash and ambient.  Hell no, not by a long shot.  I keep saying over and over: we stand on the shoulders of giants.  I learned about flash photography from sites and books/videos authored by David Hobby, Neil van Niekerk, David Ziser, among others and whenever I get the chance I tell others about how helpful these sites were to me.

Anyway, I want to use this occasion to point out something about our blog.  Mshafik and I worked on this blog in order to improve our photography and to share our knowledge.  In that regard, when we discuss a technique or product, we use information based on personal experience.  We find that with our personal experience, the information we can give is more useful to our readers.  And if you do something yourself, you learn much more from it.  Don't be content with researching information on the 'net and practicing only it in your head.  Go out there and shoot.

Going back to the article, I sent several suggestions to  Hopefully they'll incorporate them.  Meanwhile, if you want to learn about TTL flash and balancing flash and ambient, I suggest the TTL Flash Tutorial and these posts (list is updated in our index page):

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