Monday, August 29, 2011

Portrait Session


My friend asked me to take her portrait and I was glad to oblige.  We took a series of shots in different styles and this is probably one of my favorite shots from the day.  Although most of the shots had a white background (the safer choice due to her dark hair), we did take a few shots with a black background and I actually liked them even better.

For my key light, I chose a light source that was not super-soft in order to show off her facial features a little better.  I decided on a Quantum Qflash X2 with a Fotodiox 18" Beauty Dish.  The beauty dish was mounted on a light stand above the subject via a CowboyStudio Speedlight Bracket.

To maintain a bright "feel", I wanted to have a low highlight/shadow ratio.  I used an AlienBees B1600 firing through a 60" Westcott convertible umbrella in shoot-through mode as on-axis fill.

To give the shot a fashion magazine look, I used a silver/white Lastolite reflector below her and fired a bare Nikon SB-26 at it.  The SB-26 was triggered optically.  The three lights (key, fill, and reflector) can be seen in the catchlights.  Although some photographers prefer to have a single rectangular or round catchlight, I opted to keep the catchlights as is.  I think they make her eyes look more lively.

Finally, to create separation between her hair and the black background, I used a Nikon SB-800 as backlight, also triggered optically.  The backlight really helped make the shot work, making her hair appear like a glowing aura of energy, reflecting my friend's bubbly personality.

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  1. Nicely lit photo, and looks like a charming friend, would love to see the bright background photos.


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