Monday, July 4, 2011

Photoverse 1.5

Back in February, we reviewed Photoverse for iOS.  We recommended it as a great way to get the latest photography information and tutorials on the road.  It has also earned recommendations from esteemed photographers such as David Ziser.

We have great news -- Photoverse v1.5 is out, and it's a major upgrade!

Photoverse has a full list of the improvements here.  The improvements that I like best are:

1.  Hiding blogs.  The original Photoverse included a list of many blogs.  The new one has even more new sites.  Sometimes, it was clear which ones were relevant to me and other times it wasn't.  I didn't want to have to remember which ones were not relevant to me.  Now that I can hide blogs, I can filter out the ones I'm not interested in.  Just swipe to the right and a "Hide" button will show up.  It's possible to show the hidden blogs by hitting "Undo" though it appears to reveal all previously hidden blogs.  Perhaps in the future it will be possible to selectively reveal hidden blogs.

2.  Bookmarks / Favorites.  Now I can find the blogs I like best by pressing the bookmark button.  It shows up in a separate list called Favorites.

3. Search by Name, Category or Description.  Looking for blogs that relate to your interest but don't want to go through each blog one by one?  Now you can search for blogs you're interested in by typing keywords based on your interest.

There are tons of other features for Photoverse v1.5.  Best of all, this is a free upgrade for existing Photoverse users!

Currently, Photoverse is available only for iOS.  However, an Android version is scheduled to be released in about a month. 

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