Thursday, June 9, 2011

Low-Key Self-Portrait

I took some self-portraits last night using some of my new gear.

For my key light, I used an Alien Bees B1600 monolight with a 48" octagon softbox with grid.  The rim light was from an SB-800 triggered via Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting using an on-camera SB-800 as commander.  Both lights were on light stands from the Linco background support system (the stand for the rim light is visible in the shot above).

Why did I use the SB-800 instead of the popup as commander?  I needed to trigger the B1600 (in this case using a PC sync cord).  The problem with Nikon (at least with the D300) is that if you use the popup flash as a wireless commander, it disables the PC sync port.  If you use an external flash as commander (e.g., SB-900, SB-800 or SB-700), the PC sync port is enabled.  Maybe it's Nikon's way of forcing you to buy another external flash...

It's a simple 2-light setup (the on-camera flash was not contributing to the flash exposure).  I was tempted to bring other flashes into play but thought it would be a good warm up for Boot Camp III: 2 Lights. ;)

Will be posting my thoughts on the AlienBees B1600, Radiopopper JrX, Vagabond Mini, Linco background support system, and the octagon softbox.