Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bounce Flash Tip: Hand as Flag (Basic)

One of the bounce flash techniques I learned from Neil van Niekerk's book and website is to use a piece of black rubber foam as a flag to prevent light from the flash from illuminating the subject directly.  See the difference this makes.  I have since used the black flag every time I use on-camera bounce flash.

Recently however, I ditched the flag in favor of just using my hand.  It's a lot faster and more convenient.  The results are about the same as using a flag.  I just hold the flash with my left to use my hand as a flag while also supporting the camera.

When I'm shooting on portrait orientation with the flash bouncing to camera right, I use my left hand to carry the weight of the camera, while also triggering the shutter.  My right hand then does the job of the flag and additional support.