Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yongnuo and the YN-560 reliability

In photo-related forums, I've read quite a few messages about the YN-560 malfunctioning. On one hand, it's possible that this is due to satisfied owners not finding any reason to mention anything, while owners with problems ask about their flash's issues. For example, my YN-560 doesn't have problems so far... However, I've seen reliability complaints about other Yongnuo products as well. Hence, I would strongly recommend buying from a local source with a good return policy (or buy it with a credit card that offers free extended warranty on purchases such as American Express). Otherwise, if you buy from Hong Kong or China, the return shipping may cost almost as much as the unit.


  1. I do not regret anything from yongnuo specially the YN560 and the RF602.
    The only inconvenient is the non-access to the receiver switch when yn560 is mounted.
    I solved this problem using the pc cable and Velcro
    If possible I’ll invest in this company
    BTW :Mic you reported a slower speed sync when using pc cable on your YN560 and new trigger.
    I tested and I do not have this problem(I have rf 602) …did I misunderstood you? or indeed the speed sync is impacted in your case

  2. Hi Robert. About the RC7 sync speed, yes it is 1/3 stop slower when I use a PC sync cable (from camera or SB800) to the transmitter. The flash will still fire but the rear curtain is visible.

  3. I have a D90 and I see no difference at 1/200 or 1/25
    at 1/250 I have the same amount of rear curtain regardless if I use pc cable or hot shoe

    With a d300 could be another story

  4. Thanks for checking Robert. Score one for the RF602! :)

  5. Found this site when looking for an answer to my problem Bought the YN560 and it fires fine on my camera (Canon 5D MK II) but when I to use it on a wireless trigger its won't fire. If I put my Canon 580EXII on the trigger it works fine.

    So I don't know if the flash or trigger is defective. Both are brand new.

    Anyone experience this?

  6. Hi kmggdc. What trigger are you using? Some triggers such as the new version of the MK-RC7 are not compatible with the YN560.

    Best regards,


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