Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Umbrella You'll Ever Need?

Just saw this new 8-in-1 umbrella from Lastolite:

Functions as:
1. Shoot through - self-explanatory.
2. Shoot through with square mask - a top cover with a square-shaped hole can be put over the umbrella. Clever design. Presumably will have more control than a shoot-through but still not as much control as a softbox because of the shoot-through's convex surface.
3. Shoot through box - a reflective bottom layer can be attached to the shoot-through to make it function as a shoot-through umbrellabox / softbrella / brollybox. The light characteristics are about the same as shoot-through but with possibly higher efficiency and less spill on the opposite side.
4. Shoot through box with square mask.
5. White bounce (there's a top cover with white interior).
6. Silver bounce (there's a top cover with silver interior).
7. Umbrella box (bounce) with silver interior - Like #6 except there's a diffusion panel.
8. Umbrella box (bounce) with white interior - Like #5 except there's a diffusion panel.

The product is new enough that it's not yet showing up on my favorite retailers' websites. Hopefully the price is decent. Or else a Chinese-made clone will be inevitable. :))

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