Monday, August 23, 2010

Let Your Light Shine!

Some readers of this blog have far more knowledge, experience and skills than me (you know who you are...). I'm inviting you to share your knowledge with the rest of the readers here and other photographers.
First, as you know, teaching something to others - especially in writing - forces you to learn that topic better and more clearly. For example, I thought I knew TTL flash pretty well until I had to put together the TTL Flash FAQ, at which point I discovered holes in my knowledge (which subsequently forced me to research them and solidify my own knowledge).
Second, you'll get the warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you've helped others not just now but for years to come. The content here is not going away - it's here for posterity (unless the Blogger servers have a meltdown). Think not only of the photographers you will help, but also the thousands of people (subjects and viewers of photos) who will appreciate the photos from the knowledge you share.
Third, if you are a pro or have a photo-related business or website, this is a marketing opportunity for you. No out of pocket costs - just your time, which you need to use for marketing anyway. My commitment to you: I will match the time you put in with my time in promoting your article through cross-links and posting it on relevant forums. So you get to leverage your time for free. If you have a blog, you may also get a search engine or Technorati boost (the 'Technorati Authority' of this blog is currently 128).
I request honesty and integrity. What you write should be your work product, with acknowledgment of your sources where appropriate. Cross-post an article you've already written for your website is ok with me.
I request the opportunity to review and comment on your proposed article for relevance, accuracy, and clarity. Usually, unless a statement is self-evident, I may ask for backup evidence (references or tests).
If you're interested, you can email me with any questions or your suggested articles (info @ betterfamilyphotos dot com). If you don't know what to write about, don't worry -- I have a long list of topics I have yet to write about. :)


  1. Interesting idea
    I just hope the readers --having far more knowledge, experience and skills than you knowing more than you-- ….. will contact you


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