Monday, August 30, 2010

Joe McNally's new book available for pre-order

Joe McNally has a new book out: LIFE Guide to Digital Photography. From the way Joe describes it, this book is a bit different from his previous works, The Moment It Clicks and Hot Shoe Diaries.

I don't have The Moment It Clicks but I do have Hot Shoe Diaries (I even bought it twice because I lost my first copy at an airport). In Hot Shoe Diaries, Joe makes it clear that it's not a how-to book. Instead, it's a collection of case studies about how he shot certain photos. From reviews of the Moment It Clicks, it appears that Joe used the same approach in both books.

Unlike those two books, however, LIFE Guide to Digital Photography is definitely a how-to book. I have high hopes for this book. First, Joe has tons of knowledge and experience, and his photos show it. Nikon didn't choose him as a spokesperson for nothing.

What good is such skill though, if Joe can't transmit it? In that regard, I'm confident about Joe's teaching ability as well. He certainly has the heart for it, being generous with sharing his techniques (see his blog). In addition, Joe has been teaching workshops. I'm guessing that would give him enough experience gathering his thoughts and teaching in a way that lesser mortals like me can understand.

So, I've preordered his book from Amazon sight unseen. Will post a review when I receive the book (due in October).

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