Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comments on some new lenses

Tamron has a new 70-300 VC lens, which improves upon the existing 70-300 by adding image stabilization. As usual, the Tamron lens undercuts first-party lenses with similar range and features.

There's just one problem for Tamron's new lens: Nikon also has a new lens - the Nikkor 55-300 VR, which not only covers a greater range, but also costs the same or less (even after the $50 rebate on Tamron's 70-300 VC). I don't know about the optical quality of either lens but I would guess the Nikon has the same or better quality.

Even if Tamron drops the price on the 70-300 VC, the 55-70 range is such a useful range that it is hard to imagine getting the 70-300 VC.

For similar reasons, I think the 55-300 VR may seriously cannibalize sales of the well-regarded Nikkor 70-300 VR unless the 55-300 VR has terrible quality, which I doubt.

If the 55-300 VR turns out to be a decent if not good lens, it appears the Tamron 70-300 VC and Nikkor 70-300 VR would be useful only for full-frame cameras.


  1. I think the Nikon 70-300 is still going to do just fine. It is such an outstanding lens it's hard to see how the 55-300 can come close - although i haven't seen it of course. I just sold my Nikon 70-200 (version 1) because I wasn't using it because of the quality of the 70-300. The 70-300 also has VRII - I'm not sure if the 55-300 will have that. This is no knock on the Tamrons by the way. I own the 17-50 VC from Tamron. Very nice and the vibration control is equal to or better than Nikon's.

  2. You may be right. Incidentally the 55-300 does have vr II.


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