Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Parrot Teleprompter on 20% Sale

The Parrot teleprompter is a small teleprompter that works with your smartphone and can be attached to your camera's lens like a filter.  I ordered one through their Kickstarter campaign and it is indeed exactly as described.  The folks at Parrot are offering a 20% sale that ends on the 4th of July.
Quick notes: 
1.  The adapter for attaching it to your lens is the same size as the one for a Cokin square filter holder (type P).  If you have one of those, they will work.  Alternatively, you can get Cokin lens adapters inexpensively from eBay.
2.  The clamp for the smartphone can accommodate thicker smartphones.  I didn't need to remove my phone from its protective case.
3.  Parrot is now using teleprompter glass instead of acrylic.  This allows better transmission and clarity, but it is also more fragile.
4.  They also have a teleprompter app for Android and iOS (free for now).  The app does not yet support remote control, but they plan to have a remote control accessory in the future.  Alternatively, you can use any other teleprompter app, as long as it allows mirroring.
P.S. We're not affiliated with Parrot and we don't receive any commissions from them.

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