Monday, June 29, 2015

What's Up?

Hi everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend!  Here are some of the upcoming posts I'm working on.  If there are any you'd like me to prioritize, pls. let me know in the comments!

1. Sony 16-50 PZ: is it worth buying the kit lens?
2. Sony a6000 Long Term Review.  A review based on having used the a6000 the past year.
3. If you like the ~35mm focal length for your Sony NEX camera, Sony offers the Zeiss Sonnar 24 f/1.8, which is an awesome lens, but quite expensive.  Fortunately, there's a more affordable alternative: the Sigma 19 f/2.8.
4. Sony a6000 vs. Samsung NX500 Part 2: a head-to-head comparison of their autofocus performance.
1. Samsung NX500 Low Light AF test:  As you've heard, Samsung issued a major firmware update for the NX500.  I will be posting a video showing the improvement to the raw buffer, and more importantly, the AF performance in low light.  Update: Now posted.
2. Samsung 16-50 f/2-2.8 S review.  Samsung's pro-grade standard zoom.
3. Samsung 50-150 f/2.8 S review.  The most compact stabilized 70-200 equivalent for APS-C.
4. Samsung 20 f/2.8 review.  This lens is much-maligned in the NX community, but I think it is a pretty good lens for candid photographers.
5. Samsung 30 f/2 review.  One of the sharpest lenses for the Samsung NX system.
1. Last week, I posted a review of the Olympus TG-3.  It's a very good camera but if you don't plan to use it often enough, it might be pricey (the Olympus TG-860 or TG-850 might be another alternative).  One inexpensive option for taking underwater photos might be your smartphone -- with a waterproof case.  I will post a review of one such case: the Tethys waterproof case.
2. More travel photos from Italy, including which cameras and lenses I used.
3. Lighting for car photography.
4. Aperlite YH-400 flash.  This is an aggressively-priced manual flash.
5. See the shot I posted above?  Pretty wild, isn't it?  It was taken by a fairly obscure camera (don't bother checking the EXIF info -- there is none :-) ).  I will be posting a review of this unique camera, which IMHO is an awesome camera for travel -- and NOT because of shots like the one above.

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