Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Best Lens Hood for the Fuji X100, X100S, and X100T

Check out this lens hood for the Fuji X100, the JJC LN-RC49.  It's a clone of Pentax's lens hood for its DA 40 f/2.8 pancake lens (MH-RC 49mm).  It is sold as a complete set, with adapter ring and hood for around $30.  However, I got it for much less than that by buying a clone hood for the X100 (around $8) and using the adapter included with the hood (which is similar to the Fuji AR-X100), then I found the hood by itself on eBay for around $12.

Like the Fuji hood and most of its clones, this hood is also made of metal.  There is a silver version and a black version, although as a set I've only seen the silver version.

Compared to Fuji's lens hood, this hood:
  • is more compact (smaller diameter)
  • has a thinner profile
  • obstructs less of the optical viewfinder
  • doesn't block the flash
  • shades the lens better from flare
  • protects the lens better (because of the narrower opening)
  • looks more stylish (in my opinion), and
  • costs only a little more than a clone of the Fuji lens hood.
Note 1: like the Fuji hood, there is no vignetting from this lens hood.

Note 2: if you use this hood, you cannot put the included X100 lens cap over it.

To be fair, a Fuji lens hood or clone has the advantage of having a bayonet-style release (therefore it's easier to remove), and some may prefer its style over this one.  Another disadvantage is that although this hood protects the lens better from dust, if dust does get on the front element, you can't clean it off as readily as with the Fuji hood.  You'll either have to unscrew the lens hood first or else use a brush.  Or you can use a filter in front (see below).

There are two ways to use filters together with this hood.  Either you put a 49mm filter behind the lens hood, or you put a 30.5mm filter in front of the lens hood.  In the shot above, I have a UV filter (Hoya HD UV filter with hardened glass) installed behind the lens hood.  I should add that although the front element of the X100 lens moves in and out when focusing, it doesn't bump into the UV filter (the adapter is pretty deep).  Note: I haven't tried a 30.5mm filter, so I don't know yet for sure if there will be vignetting when doing that (but I've ordered one from B&H at a huge discount, so stay tuned).

UPDATE: I tried attaching different 30.5mm filters, and there was no vignetting, even with a Hoya circular polarizer that had a thicker rim.

You can get a lens cap for this hood in the 30.5mm size, like this one.  The Camera Hunter cap does not fit.  It is actually 30mm, not 30.5mm, so it's too loose.

Note: There's a similar lens hood that has a rounder appearance here though I think the one I got looks better, and I don't think you can mount a filter or cap over this rounder one.

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  1. Funny that this seems to be a better design than the Fuji one.
    Also is similar to the Nikon 1 18.5mm f1.8 lens hood design.

    1. Indeed, it's funny given how otherwise photographically savvy the Fuji folks are. My speculation is that Fuji wanted so much to make the X100S look like Leica, that they opted for a hood that looks more like a traditional Leica hood. :))

      Best regards,


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